Proper Care of Your Fireplace in the Summer

Your fireplace is the centerpiece of your home regardless of the season. Even though there won’t be a warm, blazing fire in your fireplace during the warm summer months, you should still ensure your fireplace is well-maintained and clean in order to avoid serious problems in the future. Here’s how to care for your fireplace during the summer:

Clean Your Fireplace

Though it won’t be used until October, you’ll still want to keep your fireplace clean and beautiful during the bright and warm summer months. Removing dust, ash, and debris from your fireplace will improve your home’s indoor air quality and keep your fireplace looking clean while not in regular use.

Fix Any Damaged Components

Heavy rain, natural debris, wind, and everyday wear-and-tear can damage important elements of your chimney. Whether it’s the masonry around your fireplace, the chimney cap, or the flue, replacing or repairing any broken elements of your chimney and fireplace is essential to keeping it operational once the mercury drops.

Hire a Chimney Sweep

Without specialized tools and a working knowledge of chimney care, your best efforts to clean your fireplace and chimney won’t be nearly as effective as hiring an experienced chimney sweep. Because a winter of heavy fireplace use can lead to excess ash and harmful creosote building up in your chimney, the early summer months are the perfect time to get a professional chimney cleaning.

Breathe easier indoors this summer with a clean fireplace by contacting Chimcare and scheduling a professional chimney cleaning for your home today!