Summer is here, so that means you get to focus on vacations, sunny weather, and… chimneys? Your chimney is likely not the first thing on your mind during the summer months—by a long shot. A roaring fire is the last thing you want to think about as the heat index rises. However, summer is actually the perfect season to get up to date on all of your chimney needs. Here are a few important tips for your chimney maintenance this summer.

Call Your Chimney Sweep
Throughout the winter, your chimney will accumulate more and more of something called creosote, which stays in your chimney after each use. Creosote is extremely dangerous as it can cause blockages in your chimney, as well as start house fires since it is highly flammable. Getting this cleaned out before next fall/winter is pivotal to your safety. Cleaning out your chimney during the summer ensures that you can work it around your schedule, as this is the slow season for sweeps, and you can catch any other problems early on.

Complete Your Repairs
So what happens if the sweep comes and finds that you need some repairs to your chimney? You can get them repaired now and save yourself the trouble later on. The last thing you want is find out that your chimney needs repairs just before, or just as you need to use it come winter. By getting repairs done during the summer, you ensure that your chimney will be ready to go when the first cold spell hits, whenever that may be.

Go from Funky to Fresh
Does your home get a strange smell during the summer months? This may actually be coming from your chimney. Your chimney can give off a bad aroma when exposed to the humidity of the summer. Luckily, there are actually things such as chimney deodorant that can be used to take care of that, and leave your house smelling clean and fresh again.

Stay Pest Free
While we often associate winter with critter intruders seeking warmth in our home, summer is actually when they all start to come out to play. This means that if they are looking for a shelter, whether it’s from thunderstorms or just the heat in general, your chimney may look like a pretty inviting hiding place. By installing a chimney cap, you make it much less likely for any unwelcome guests to get into your home, in addition to blocking out debris that could potentially cause blockage in your chimney for the fall and winter months.

While your chimney may not be getting its normal use during the summer months, that means you get plenty of opportunity to get all of your maintenance in order before you’re really going to need it. Take advantage of this beneficial timing and get ahead of the game, so whether that cold snap is in October or December, you’re prepared.