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Chimney Services in California

Chimney Sweep & Cleaning Service in California

Are you looking for reliable chimney services in California? Whether it’s a substantial repair or a straightforward inspection, you deserve to find the help you need ASAP. Chimcare is a team of professionals ready to perform chimney sweep services and more in California. Don’t worry; we bring our chimney cleaning and repair services to multiple locations in the state! Find a location that is nearest to you now. Setting ourselves apart, Chimcare has brought powerful professional chimney cleaning and services to the Pacific Northwest since 1989.

Some of our most popular California chimney services include:

Chimney Inspections: Even if you’re not currently experiencing chimney issues, routine inspections are invaluable. The reason for this is that creosote and other debris can clog up the chimney over time, out of your view. Thus, we’re always happy to have our experts conduct a thorough visual and physical inspection of your chimney. Having a professional determine whether a sweep is required is critical because they can recognize any issues and use their skills and resources to find a solution for you.

Chimney Cleaning: It isn’t just our skills that are helpful but also the wide range of tools we can use to skillfully clean out the chimney space. The chimney may not look complicated from the outside, but it can be home to a wide range of hazardous materials. Our team is always equipped to clean out any creosote, ash, or debris that has built up in your chimney. That built-up gunk can cause the fireplace to look and smell unpleasant, but a thorough cleaning will immediately eliminate such problems.

Chimney Repair: A broken chimney is not a useless chimney. Our chimney services in California include completing thorough repairs. Both structural and design issues are repairable with the right tools and experts bringing the project together. If you have any masonry or chimney repairs that need to be completed, contact our team today.

Gas Fireplace Cleaning: You can always turn to Chimcare when you need someone to clean your gas fireplace. A gas fireplace isn’t like every other fireplace, so it helps to have someone who understands every component inside and out. We can clean the gas fireplace’s glass, burner, thermopile and thermocouple points of contact, heat exchange, and beyond. Call today if you want an expert to keep your gas fireplace working safely and efficiently all year round.

Gas & Wood Burning Inserts:Our team is always happy to provide homeowners with new gas inserts for the fireplace. In addition, we can install the inserts ourselves to ensure a smooth transition. The insert should help your home warm up. Whenever you need a new insert for your gas or wood-burning fireplace, reach out to Chimcare for support. Our local chimney company in California also sells chimney caps, dampers, and fireplace doors.

Masonry Repair/Construction: Masonry may look quite strong, but it can sustain damage over time. Structurally sound masonry is only one component of your chimney, but it’s one that ensures you get the most out of your fireplace’s abilities. Whether you need routine maintenance or a larger repair, we can successfully help you revitalize the masonry. Specifically, we can provide masonry services to support your fireplace, chimney crown, brick mailboxes, and more.

Never neglect proper care for your fireplace if you want to maintain a comfortable, safe home. Just because you can’t see creosote buildup from the outside doesn’t make it any less dangerous. Reach out today to talk with our experts about chimney cleaning and repair in California. That way, we can help your home remain as responsible as it is relaxing.