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Chimney Services in Ohio

Ohio Chimney Sweep & Cleaning Service

We make it easy to find reliable chimney services in Ohio. Chimcare’s chimney sweep, cleaning, and repair service in Ohio caters to multiple locations in the state! Your chimney requires just as much care as any other part of the house, but you shouldn’t have to stress over the maintenance. Our team can take a closer look at areas such as the fireplace and chimney to ensure they’re functioning beautifully. Browse our selection of locations here and learn more about our services.

Some of our expert chimney care services include:

Chimney Inspections: We can supply a thorough visual and physical inspection of your chimney to determine whether a sweep is required and recognize any issues that need to be addressed. Although your chimney may seem fine from the outside, buildup can occur inside over time. Our chimney company in Ohio is ready to take a look at your chimney whenever you’re ready. That way, you can keep your home safe and cozy, just as a great fireplace should.

Chimney Cleaning: Once we determine that cleaning is necessary, we’ll get the proper tools for the job. Unfortunately, cleaning chimneys requires more than a rag and some soap, but we’re prepared. Using a range of tools, we’ll clean out any creosote, ash, and debris that have built up in your chimney over time. This process will leave your chimney looking and smelling like new and functioning fully.

Chimney Repair: If your chimney appears broken, don’t worry. Chimney damage doesn’t have to mean that your chimney is out of commission. Instead, you can call our team to come in and help. As a professional chimney service in Ohio, we can repair both structural and design issues to bring new life to your chimney and masonry.

Gas Fireplace Cleaning: At Chimcare, our team can thoroughly clean gas fireplaces. This service ensures you can keep the gas fireplace safe and efficient. Our gas fireplace services include cleaning the heat exchange, burner, fireplace logs, and more components.

Gas & Wood Burning Inserts: Sales & Installation: In need of a new fireplace insert? We can supply and install a new insert for your gas or wood-burning fireplace, as well as chimney caps, dampers, and fireplace doors. Thanks to gas inserts, you can move heat more efficiently throughout your living space. If you want a cozier living room, talk with our team today about installing inserts in your fireplace.

Masonry Repair/Construction: Masonry quality can diminish over time. Don’t worry; some assistance from the experts can ensure you have a long-lasting structure in place. Ideal chimney performance requires masonry that’s structurally sound. However, masonry isn’t associated only with a fireplace—we can help with various areas around the house. For example, we can help maintain and repair your fireplace, chimney crown, brick mailboxes, and more. If you have masonry issues, contact our team to discuss potential solutions.

As you can see, our team has a wide range of skills that can help your home’s fireplace and chimney thrive. After all, homeowners deserve chimneys and fireplaces that easily and efficiently keep their homes warm. Our chimney cleaning and repair in Ohio aim for the highest quality in the industry so that you don’t ever have to settle for less. If you’re ready to care for your chimney and fireplace, discover Chimcare’s chimney sweep, cleaning, and repair services in Ohio today. Contact us and we’re happy to assist you!