Structurally sound masonry is vital for good chimney health, after all, it’s what keeps the chimney standing upright. With our many years of experience and practice cleaning and maintaining chimneys, we are also highly skilled at masonry repair and masonry construction projects. That’s because many of our clients have found that our artisan level skills are equally amazing on the ground, so we help them with custom brick and stone projects around their homes and commercial properties.

Common masonry repair and masonry construction projects that Chimcare offers include:

We also provide relevant services to maintain your masonry, such as:


Masonry Repair & Care

Bricks are very porous and can hold water, much like a sponge does. This makes chimneys and other masonry very susceptible to the damage that water can cause, which compromises the structure’s strength, stability and longevity. The intrusion of water into bricks and mortar can cause damage like:

  • Efflorescence — the deposit of salts on the surface of the brick
  • Spalling — flaking of the brick
  • Deterioration of the mortar between the bricks

Unfortunately, even brickwork that is well protected from water will eventually break down from old age and will need masonry repair. Water damage to masonry chimneys is usually a slow, subtle process. The problem is often not evident until it has become quite serious. Chimcare offers important masonry repair and masonry construction services, including tuck-pointing and waterproofing.

We don’t just do chimney masonry at Chimcare! Our skilled workers are also exceptional at building fireplaces and other masonry special projects including patios, retaining walls, walkways, lampposts, mailboxes, and more!