Owning a fireplace is all about creating enjoyable experiences around the fire. This house feature is perfect for gathering family, cozying up with a good book, or taking a nap to the sounds of crackling and popping wood. Start using and enjoying your fireplace more by following Chimcare’s tips and tricks.

It is important to note that regardless of the fireplace type, you must adhere to the annual inspections to ensure it’s ready for use. If you do not do this, the quality of the fires will decrease and be less satisfying. Contact our gas fireplace service technician and chimney sweep professionals to ensure your fireplace is ready for use this season.

Use Seasoned Wood and the Correct Fuel

You cannot curate the ultimate ambiance of a fireplace by using poor-quality firewood. Seasoned wood will burn more cleanly and produce less smoke for a more attractive fire. Plus, using the correct fuel will fill your home with the pleasant smells of burning wood.

Light Fires Early

The primary purpose of the fireplace is often to heat your home during the colder months of the year. One way to ensure an enjoyable fireplace experience is to light the fire at least two hours before you want to experience the maximum heat. If you’re planning a night beside the fire, consider starting it several hours beforehand to give the brickwork enough time to heat up—otherwise, it might not radiate enough heat.

Make It Convenient

You are less likely to start a fire if you have the necessary tools readily available. Keep the essential tools for building and lighting a fire near the hearth to remember where everything is and keep things accessible. Furthermore, make your favorite activities, like reading, more convenient by keeping books on a shelf or table nearby to encourage you to utilize this feature more.

Have Fun With It

Did you know you could add orange or lemon peel to your fire to add an aroma to your home? There is no hard rule saying you can’t add other elements to your fire to make it more fun. If you have kids, treated pine cones can also change the flames’ color, which makes spending time around the fireplace more appealing for children.

If you are not utilizing your fireplace as much as you would like, consider partaking in your favorite activities around the fire to encourage more interaction. Remember, you cannot fully get the most out of your fire if the chimney and flue are dirty or damaged—call Chimcare today to ensure it’s ready for use. How will you enjoy your fireplace more this season?