Imagine building a fire in the hearth of your fireplace only to realize it’s not producing enough heat or that smoke is accumulating inside your home. There could be several different issues that affect the performance of your fireplace. If you notice that your fireplace is not functioning correctly, it could be because of any of the reasons listed below. Learn about these common issues and how you can fix them so that you can enjoy the ambiance of your fireplace.

Creosote Buildup

When the smoke from your fire cools and condenses as it rises out of your chimney, it can create a byproduct called creosote. This tar-like substance is a concerning fire hazard because it’s highly flammable. The more you allow creosote to build in your flue and chimney, the more you restrict airflow to your fireplace. Receive an annual chimney sweep in Oregon, to remove this byproduct and keep a watchful eye on buildup when cleaning your chimney between fires.

Chimney Obstructions

Unfortunately, critters and birds can build homes in your chimney. When they form a nest, they obstruct the smoke exiting the flue. If this happens, the smoke will billow back into your home, which can become dangerous for your family. Install a chimney cap at the top of the structure to prevent animals from crawling inside.

Short Chimney

Sometimes, a design flaw can be the culprit for issues that affect your fireplace performance. For smoke to exit properly, the chimney must end at least three feet above the peak of your roof. When your chimney is too short, high winds can blow the smoke back into the chimney. An easy solution for a structure that is already in place is to install a chimney pipe on top to extend the length of the structure.

Closed or Stuck Dampers

The damper of your fireplace is an essential component for allowing airflow through the chimney. This helps the smoke from your fire escape through the chimney. If the damper is closed or stuck, it will trap the smoke, which will create soot and creosote along with backflowing smoke into your home. Ensure you can easily open and close the damper for better performance from your fireplace.

In order to efficiently burn a fire in your fireplace, you must minimize the issues that could hinder its performance. Properly maintain this home feature to prevent problems and issues from arising. Your best defense in preventing these issues is to contact a chimney care company to perform an annual sweep on your fireplace to ensure everything is in working order. Contact Chimcare today for more information on our chimney services.