As a homeowner, you might get sick of needing to chop wood, build a fire, and wait for it to heat up all the time. Luckily for you, you can fix this issue by converting your wood-burning fireplace to gas. While it is possible to convert an already existing fireplace, you cannot convert an appliance such as an electric stove to gas. Keep reading to understand why someone might convert, what you need for this process, and how it works.

Why Would You Convert Your Fireplace?

The most common reason a homeowner would decide to convert a wood-burning fireplace to gas is that the energy output is much more efficient—plus, it’s more convenient to use, clean, and maintain.

What Are Your Options for Gas Fireplaces?

When you own a traditional fireplace, you have three options for converting the structure; you can install a direct vent gas insert, unvented gas logs or inserts, and vented gas logs. Your choice could depend on your state’s requirements, heat output, blower options, and your personal preference.

Components Needed for Conversion

First and foremost, contact your local chimney care business to ensure your chimney and fireplace are ready for conversion and no harmful substances are building up inside the flue. After you clean and inspect your fireplace and chimney, you can install a gas line so the fireplace can work. If you choose, you’ll also need an insert or liner for the flue and gas logs.

How Does the Conversion Work?

Once the chimney is clean and you purchase the right components needed for conversion, you can begin to line your chimney with a material that will help with airflow intake and exhaust. Then, connect the insert to the gas line inside the fireplace. Once they’re connected, you can slide the gas unit into the fireplace, plug it in, and start your first “fire.”

Converting your fireplace from a traditional wood-burning unit to a gas unit is relatively simple. Consider these steps when choosing the best option for your home. Will you convert your fireplace to gas? If you do decide to convert, Chimcare offers gas line installation in Seattle and provides our customers with a professional experience when upgrading their fireplaces. Contact us today for more information..