Pellet stoves are a wonderful amenity for warming up your home. That said, like many amenities at home, stoves can run into issues during their lifespan. For instance, you might find yourself with smoke coming out of the stove and gathering in the surrounding area.

Don’t worry; this guide isn’t here to scare you away from pellet stoves. It’ll help you find a solution. So, does your pellet stove blow smoke into the house? Read the guide below to learn why it’s happening and how you can prevent it from occurring again in the future.

Stove Blockages

Of course, smoking blowing into your house through the pellet stove is stressful and unhealthy. As you’ll learn below, a professional inspection is integral for pellet stove lifespans, but determining the specific culprit typically comes down to a blockage.

Whether it’s soot buildup or a curious critter, various things can lodge themselves in your pipes and prevent smoke from safely exiting the home. Now that you know why your pellet stove blows smoke into the house, we can dive into the solutions.

Simple Solutions

Luckily, ensuring your pellet stove doesn’t blow smoke into the house requires as much effort as it takes to schedule any maintenance task around the house. From the roof to the gutters, various aspects of your property require inspections at some point, and your pellet stove is no exception. The best way to prevent smoke from leaking out of your pellet stove is to hire a professional to conduct annual maintenance.

Professional Assistance

Even when you’re a DIY homeowner, you should leave some tasks to the trained professionals. Although the stove might look relatively straightforward, it contains various components that require attention to function properly.

For instance, our wood pellet stove repair service covers thorough cleaning and inspecting of integral parts, such as the burn pot and ignitor, so that you can keep the stove functioning safely. So if you’re running into the titular issue at home, reach out to a professional to find a smart, suitable solution.