If you’re using a pellet stove as your primary heating source for your home this winter, it is crucial to be familiar with the proper and essential maintenance steps. That way, you can ensure the appliance runs efficiently. Chimcare offers expert advice on cleaning and maintaining your pellet stove so you can heat your home better this season. Do not skip any of the advice below, or you could risk the appliance malfunctioning because the vents and other components jam up with residue and other materials.

Clean the Windowpane Every So Often

Your only view into the chamber of the pellet stove is through the glass pane on the door. Once ash and soot cover the glass, you no longer have visibility into the appliance. We recommend cleaning the window once a week to properly monitor the fuel burning in the chamber and improve the pellet stove’s appearance.

Burn High-Quality Pellets

High-quality pellets will be slightly more expensive than low-grade pellets, but the difference is worth it. Using low-grade fuel in your pellet stove can create an unwanted buildup of soot or grime on the glass pane of the door, which can become difficult to clean. High-quality pellets burn much cleaner, produce more heat, and won’t cause you to need extra maintenance for your pellet stove.

Empty Ash Traps Regularly

The more fuel and pellets you burn in the stove, the more ash you will accumulate in the burn pot or ash trap. Leaving this residue to build over time could make for a larger headache when you need to deep clean the appliance later. Some pellets might produce more ash than others; ensure you inspect the ash trap every week so it doesn’t become too full.

Receive an Annual Inspection

Just as you would get an annual inspection for a traditional fireplace, you should get one for pellet stoves. Calling a professional service to do this inspection will provide the best results because an expert is performing the task. These inspections coincide with pellet stove repair companies—meaning if they spot damages during the sweep, they can easily repair them too.

Don’t forget to maintain and clean your pellet stove as you use it this season. Skipping out on steps could mean the appliance will malfunction, which could become a significant problem when this is your primary heating source for your home. Contact Chimcare with any questions regarding your pellet stove, and don’t forget to schedule your annual cleaning before the winter season starts to ensure the appliance is ready.