Regularly cleaning your home’s air ducts and fans is crucial for preventing an accidental house fire and maintaining high-quality air. The best way to clean these ducts is to hire a professional service to do it for you. After you schedule your first appointment, use this guide to prepare for the air duct cleaning to ensure the technician has access to everything they need.

Create a Clear Path to Every Duct and Fan

The first thing you should be doing when you know a service technician is coming soon to clean your vents and air ducts is to create a path to these places within your home. If you were a technician, would you appreciate stepping over toys, boxes, and other miscellaneous things? They’ll need a clear path to and from all air vents, ducts, and fans so that they can focus on cleaning them instead of worrying whether they’ll trip and fall on an object.

Don’t Forget Your Pets

Because air duct cleaning technicians need to enter your home for a period to complete the job, you’ll need a safe place to keep your pets so that they stay out of the way. If the weather permits, keep your pet outside. This way, everyone working inside will be able to freely walk around the house. Otherwise, you can find an empty room where you can put your cat or dog. Do inform the contractors of your pet so that they can be mindful of them when they’re working.

Will You Stay or Leave?

When a technician comes to your home to clean your air ducts, you don’t need to stay inside the house for them to do their job. If it makes you more comfortable to monitor their progress, feel free to stay, but you don’t have to if you need to run errands. Consider taking your pet with you to keep them safe and secure during the appointment. Tell the technician your plans. This way, they’ll know what to do once they finish.

Ask Questions

One thing you want to do when preparing for air duct cleaning is to write down any questions you may have about the service. Consider asking what happens during and after the process, how you can keep your ducts clean between services, and other questions or concerns that you may have. Anything on your mind regarding this process is worth asking the contractor!

Chimcare is a chimney service company specializing in chimney and fireplace cleanings, but we also offer services for air duct cleanings! Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your home. Use this brief guide to ensure you’re ready!