The weather can be an unfriendly foe when it comes to heavy wind and rain damaging your chimney. While brick and mortar are known to last an extremely long time, severe weather and storms can wreak havoc on the structure. To better prepare your home and chimney for what can happen during a storm, become familiar with what types of damages can occur.

Excess Water

Storms bring a lot of water that can accumulate and absorb into your brick and mortar. This water will contribute to the decomposition of your chimney and can cause mold and mildew. A sure sign that your chimney is absorbing too much water is white stains that look like chalk; this can be a serious structural issue that you must address quickly.

Mortar Cracks

Over the years, the mortar will crack and recede between your bricks, but heavy wind and rain will damage the chimney faster than normal wear and tear. Cracks forming in the mortar will lead to deeper problems, possibly causing you to replace the entire chimney. Save yourself the headache and the dent in your wallet and repair the mortar after storms.

Removed Chimney Cap

Heavy winds can displace your chimney cap or remove it altogether. You need this cap on top of your chimney because it keeps water, pests, and animals out of your flue. If it is askew, you simply need to move it back into place; if it is missing entirely, you will want to replace it immediately.

Damage to Chimney Flashing

Flashing protects the seam where your roof and chimney meet—if this is missing or damaged, water can leak into the cracks or down the flue of the chimney. Missing flashing is the most likely cause of water damage. Contact chimney repair contractors after a storm to estimate what damages will need to be fixed immediately and other issues that are not as prominent but will need to be fixed eventually.

Understand what can happen to your home and chimney during a storm so you can prepare your home better when the time comes. If you are unsure how serious an issue is, do not hesitate to contact Chimcare or your local chimney service for help.