Keeping your chimney and fireplace clean and in top condition is a must for homeowners. Just like you need to inspect your plumbing and water heaters, you must also do the same for your chimney. However, many homeowners don’t understand how often they should have their chimneys inspected. Keep reading to answer this question and gain more valuable information on the importance of chimney inspections.

Why Does Your Chimney Need an Inspection?

Unfortunately for homeowners, chimney fires are fairly common and result in millions of dollars in property damage, along with injuries, each year. To prevent this, homeowners must clean and inspect their chimneys periodically to prevent house fires and ensure their homes are safe.

How Often Should You Receive an Inspection?

Chimcare recommends that homeowners receive an inspection from a chimney professional once a year. No matter what type of fireplace you have, a chimney inspection is necessary to ensure the structure is in proper working condition. However, you should maintain your fireplace and chimney throughout the year by cleaning them between each use to prevent a buildup of by-products that could start a house fire.

Pro-tip: If you recently bought a home with a fireplace or haven’t used yours in some time, you should hire a professional to inspect the structure before lighting a fire. This ensures it’s safe to use.

When Is the Best Time for Inspections?

The best time to inspect and clean your chimney is right before the burning season, which is typically at the end of summer or fall. This ensures a fresh and clean structure for the winter months! However, you can receive an inspection whenever you feel it is necessary or have concerns about the structure.

The bottom line is you should have your chimney inspected at least once a year. Contact Chimcare today to hire a professional technician to inspect and sweep your chimney!