It will be wintertime in a few short months, and you’re likely preparing to use your fireplace. You must not light fires in the hearth until the chimney is fully ready, or you could be creating a dangerous environment within your home. Prep your fireplace this season with the following advice so you can burn safe and effective fires.

Double-Check Your Damper & Chimney Cap

Without a chimney cap or with a broken one, outside elements, debris, and pests can make their way inside your home through the chimney. The damper allows airflow through the fireplace; if you cannot open or close the gadget, your fire might not burn as effectively. Double-check that both of these items are in working condition and in the correct place so your chimney can function properly.

Receive a Chimney Sweep

An annual professional chimney sweep is essential to keep your fireplace from functioning incorrectly. Without a sweep or cleaning, you could be leaving harmful substances inside the hearth, which could create dangerous chimney fires. Do not light a fire until you can sweep the chimney—this also makes for the perfect opportunity to find damages within or around the fireplace.

Repair Damages

During the chimney sweep, the technician should alert you of any damages you need to fix immediately before lighting a fire. Do not put off repairing these damages; while you might have a few more months until winter is officially here, it could take some time to fix and prepare the fireplace for use. Chimcare can meet all your needs by providing excellent service through our experienced and courteous staff. Remember to never attempt a repair yourself if you don’t understand exactly what the issue is and how to fix it; leave that part to the professionals.

Change Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Batteries

Prepping the fireplace is important, but the devices within your home that alert you to dangerous situations are equally essential in the prep process. Check the batteries in your detectors annually to ensure they are in working condition. Without these devices, you might not notice a fire spreading or toxic carbon monoxide leaking, which could become fatal if not caught early enough. Always, always, always keep fresh batteries in these detectors.

Take your chimney and fireplace preparation seriously, especially when winter is coming and you begin lighting fires in the hearth again. A sweep or cleaning can prevent chimney fires and ensure the fireplace is clean and safe to use. Call Chimcare today with questions regarding our services; we would be happy to help you!