There are many different tools a professional chimney sweep would use to clean your chimney. These devices are necessary to use on the job to ensure your fireplace is in working condition for the next upcoming season. Without them, you leave your chimney dirty with potentially hazardous substances and possible foundation and structural damage.

Canvas Drop Cloth

While this first tool may not be considered as such, it is still a handy material to have if you hate messes. Moreso, placing a canvas drop cloth around the hearth while you are cleaning prevents soot and dust from entering the room and staining furniture, rugs, and flooring. While this might not be the obvious tool to have for a chimney sweep, it is a helpful one that makes the clean-up job that much easier once you are done.

Wire and Polypropylene Brushes

A wire brush is the most common tool to clean your fireplace with because the stiff bristles allow you to reach crevices and areas you wouldn’t normally be able to reach. A polypropylene brush is used for more delicate fireplaces because the bristles are softer. Always have a brush in your cleaning essentials because they are effective in knocking down and brushing away debris and buildup.

Vacuum Systems

The debris you are knocking away with the brushes will need to be removed before the chimney sweep professional leaves the job. Vacuums are simple tools that make cleaning up messes quick, easy, and painless. Because the flue is long, these vacuums will come with longer attachments so the worker can reach the entire chimney length.

Chemical Cleaners

A huge issue that chimneys can face is creosote buildup, which can be challenging to remove in some cases. A chemical solvent specific for creosote can be used to help break up the substance for removal. Chemicals will not always be needed for cleaning the fireplace, but it is a tool to have handy just in case there is a lot of buildup.

While these technicians are using these tools to clean your chimney, they may also look for areas around the structure that could be damaged or need repairs. If you need assistance, call Chimcare’s chimney repair in Redding, CA, to help with all your needs. Consider purchasing a few tools on your own to ensure your fireplace is clean after each use.