A pellet stove is an innovative stove that offers notable advantages, like energy efficiency and minimal to no pollution. Pellet stoves are virtually smokeless and require only a small amount of supervision. Unlike typical fireplaces or wood stoves, they can burn logs continuously for over 1.5 days without tending, making pellet stoves perfect accessories during wintry weather. However, despite all these advantages, a pellet stove still needs cleaning. Read through these three reasons you should clean your pellet stove regularly to discover why maintaining this kind of stove is so important.

Maintains Efficient Operation

While pellet stoves can work for 36 hours, this doesn’t mean you can neglect the stove. Ashes are bound to build up over time. If you don’t remove them, the efficiency of the stove will decrease with time. For instance, the stove can lose temperature control or experience interrupted or blocked airflow. You may also find it harder to light the stove in general. Regular cleaning guarantees efficient operation.

Increases Safety

Regular cleaning also boosts safety. Ash buildup can pose serious risks. According to the CDC, creosote—the chemical produced when burning wood and other fuels—poses health risks when inhaled or ingested. These risks range from mouth, skin, and throat irritation to stomach pain. Ingesting creosote can also cause kidney or liver damage. Cleaning your pellet stove is therefore good for your health.

Improves Stove Durability

One of the reasons you should clean your pellet stove regularly is that it prevents long-term damage. Given that the cost of buying a pellet stove is higher than that of buying typical stoves, it’s prudent to safeguard your investment. Proper maintenance eliminates buildup and removes rust and other components that can make your stove malfunction or stop working prematurely.

While pellet stove cleaning keeps your stove operating optimally, eliminates safety risks, and boosts the stove’s durability, you must properly perform any maintenance to get the best results.

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