You know it’s time to switch out your wardrobe, clean out your closets, and power wash your siding. Spring is the time when each crevice of our homes gets a little extra attention and elbow grease. Have you included your fireplace and chimney on your “To Do” list this spring? If not, especially if you had some fires inside over the winter, it’s time to add a chimney inspection to your list of critical cleaning, maintenance and safety tasks for the upcoming weeks.

It’s easy to put off as a lower priority, but all that grime, soot, and residue can build up over time, resulting in serious issues. Even more important is the structural integrity of your chimney. If yours hasn’t been manually inspected in the last few years, it’s possible that weather and age have damaged the masonry. That can result in leaks in your roof and water damage, including black mold. Chimcare can quickly and effectively inspect your chimney for a host of issues. If a cleaning is needed, we can provide full service solutions to help ensure you’re ready for your next fire.

Chimney Maintenance Is About More Than Just Soot

Yes, the buildup of soot, smoke residue, and creosote can pose a serious fire hazard. However, taking care of your chimney is about more than just removing soot. Even if you haven’t had a fire since your last inspection, you should have your chimney professionally checked every spring. Squirrel and bird nests can cause major issues, including reduced or blocked air flow or a fire in your chimney. There is such a serious potential for issues that the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends chimney inspections every year, regardless of how often it is used.

An inspection can look at the amount of creosote, the functionality of your flue damper, and the structural integrity of your chimney. If a cleaning is recommended, you likely want to have it done by professionals. Chimney cleaning is dirty work. Without the right training and supplies, you could end up coating the inside of your home with all the junk you’re trying to get out of your chimney.

Chimney Cleaning Gets Rid of That Stale Fire Smell and Protects Your Home

If you used your fireplace during the winter, you want to have your chimney inspected and cleaned. Not only will that mean it’s ready to go when temperatures drop later this year, but it will keep your home smelling and looking cleaner. The ash in your fireplace and the soot in your chimney will get more smelly as the season warms up. Getting it out in spring instead of waiting until summer means you won’t have to worry about any stale fire or burning smells in your home.

Chimney cleaning doesn’t just protect your home from fire risks. It can also help extend the longevity of the masonry in your fireplace and chimney. Leaving creosote buildup in your chimney and on your flue can result in corrosion and damage. It’s more cost effective to maintain and clean your chimney, fireplace and flue damper than it is to ignore maintenance and need to invest in expensive repairs.

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