If you’re looking for the best chimney service company in Portland, you’ll need to know a few things before making your choice. Learn about what to look for in a chimney service provider, and what Chimcare offers to stand out among the competition.

Finding the Best Chimney Service

When it comes to finding the best chimney service, you’ll want to make sure the company you’re considering offers these four essentials.

Free Inspections

The company should offer a free inspection of your chimney. You should never have to pay for this step.

Inspection Reports

The company should also agree to deliver a free safety inspection report after sweeping your chimney. Everything the chimney sweep has done and any concerns they have regarding the chimney’s structure should be included in the report.

Product and Service Guarantee

The company should guarantee the quality of their work. This is vital because if the job is not carried out correctly, it could lead to major damage down the road.

Great Customer Service

Whichever company you go with should be pleasant to work with, perform services thoroughly and efficiently, and clean up after finishing the job.

What Chimcare Offers

In addition to free inspections, inspection reports, a quality guarantee, and excellent customer service, we provide the following services to keep chimneys in the greater Portland area running safely and smoothly.

Debris Removal

Debris may accumulate in your chimney over time due to unfinished burning, resulting in high-weight particles. Removing debris ensures that smoke and unhealthy gases are able to escape through the chimney and do not back up into your home.

Rust Removal

Burning releases gases that might encourage rust development. We can apply a chemical treatment that will remove any rust from your chimney.


Creosote is a natural consequence of burning fires, but if you let it build up, it can affect your fireplace’s performance and increase the risk of carbon monoxide or a house fire. Have your chimney swept at least yearly to keep it running smoothly.


Repainting the chimney regularly helps keep the passageway clear and prevents the metal from rusting.

Structural Analysis

We’ll perform a chimney inspection to analyze the structure of your chimney, repair any minor damage that could lead to greater problems down the road, and replace parts that are no longer working properly.

Closed Circuit Video Inspection

Closed circuit video inspection utilizes an inset camera and a monitor, allowing us to analyze the movement of particles inside the chimney. If movement appears to be obstructed in any place, we can remove the blockage, which is essential to prevent carbon monoxide from backing up into your home.

Contact Chimcare to Get Started

We can perform either biannual or annual services to keep your chimney in proper shape, with the frequency depending on how often you use your fireplace and its current state. To find out if your chimney might require services or to get started, contact us today!