What does Chimcare do for You?

The dream of all business and factory owners is their industry or factory runs smoothly. Workers and owners work very hard and put major effort into the maintenance of the factory, making sure it runs smoothly. However, no matter how much work and effort one puts in, things change overtime and sometimes call for an expert. The major incidence usually involves the chimney, which is why it is best to get into contact with the chimney service in Portland. When it comes to professional chimney cleaning and uphold, the best and common ones are all listed below.

Debris Removal

The service is physical and involves deduction of debris from the chimney, which may have gathered overtime because of unfinished burning. This results in high weight particles.

Rust Removal

Burning releases gases might encourage rust development that is chemically treated and detached in this type of service.


Regular cleaning will be carried out by the chimney service in Portland, or can even be carried out by factory workers themselves. This helps keep up the durability of chimneys.


Repainting the chimney regularly helps maintain the clearness in the passageway of release and prevents the metal from rusting.

Structural Analysis

The structural structure of the chimney is addressed by the chimney service in Portland exactly how it exists and if there is any important obstacle in the flow of particles, the professional may suggest replacing the part.

Closed Circuit Video Inspection

This way displays the chimney system through a monitor and an inset camera. It is a remote way and shows the movement of particles inside the chimney.

Chimney Cleaners and Services

Professional chimney cleaners deliver such services in two types of plans. These are known as Annual and Biannual. The former consists of having servicing done once annually. For this, experts come to your factory to carry out the check of the chimney. The plan is very time-consuming as by the end of the year the chimney usually requires quite a lot of work.

The biannual plan involves professionals going through the chimney’s performance twice a year. This system is more cost-effective and less burdensome as the regularity of servicing is carried out more, consequently involves less work.