One minute you might have a cozy, warm, and inviting fire, and the next, your room fills with a cold draft after the fire is out. It can be very frustrating to have a warm living room only for it to fill with cold drafts a few minutes later. If this occurs in your home, you can use the following tips and tricks to learn how to stop cold air from coming down your chimney this season.

Close Your Damper

One of the most significant components of your fireplace that helps prevent cold air from entering your home is the damper within the flue. This mechanism opens and closes to help guide rising smoke up and out of your home. However, if the damper is rusted, broken, or left open, it can encourage cold air to linger and stay inside the house. Repair your damper, replace it, and ensure it remains closed when the fireplace is not in use.

Inflate a Chimney Balloon

A chimney balloon is a device that goes inside your chimney temporarily to help keep cold drafts at bay. A professional will install the balloon inside your chimney and inflate it until it forms to the sides of your chimney to create an airtight seal. Use this device only when the fireplace is not in use—it will deflate if you light a fire in the hearth.

Add a Fireplace Door

One way to stop cold air from coming down your chimney that adds style and decor to your living room is a fireplace door! Adding a door to your fireplace will block any cold air from seeping into the room, and it will add personalization! This is also a great add-on if you have little ones running around because it can prevent them from sticking their hands and fingers inside the fireplace.

Install a Flue Liner

A great way to insulate your chimney is to install a flue liner. These liners protect the brickwork from high temperatures from the fireplace that could damage them, and they keep cold air and drafts out. Lining the flue is a simple solution that prevents drafts from spreading throughout your house.

Don’t Forget Annual Chimney Inspections

As a homeowner, you must participate in annual chimney inspections and cleanings to receive the full benefit from your fireplace. Ignoring this necessity could leave your chimney and fireplace susceptible to damage, pests, rodents, weather issues, and more. Schedule a chimney cleaning service every year to ensure your chimney is ready for use each season.

Stop the cold air in its tracks before it can enter your home. If you’re noticing more cold air accumulating in the rooms of your house, consider looking into your fireplace—it could be the main culprit! What will you do to stop drafts from spreading out of your chimney?