Have you found that your chimney may be tilting or leaning? A leaning chimney can actually mean a few things, but no matter the cause, not repairing the damage will cause more problems to the chimney and your home’s foundation. Take a look at why your chimney may be leaning.

Your House is Settling

It is normal for a home to shift and settle throughout the years because of weather and age. When your house settles, your chimney may start to lean or tilt due to the foundation shifting. This isn’t the most common problem, but leveling your foundation should stop your chimney from leaning.

Poorly Built Chimney

You might not have realized the chimney’s quality when you bought your home. Someone who is not a mason could have built it improperly. Fix this chimney right away before more damage causes water and other elements to make their way inside.

Footing Issues

The footing of your home is what distributes the weight of your home’s foundation. Sometimes footing can be too shallow or narrow and may crack under the weight of the chimney. If you live in a colder climate, the freezing and thawing of the ground can make the footing crack. If your footing is cracked, repair it right away.

Masonry Damage

It is natural for your bricks to deteriorate over time. Some of your bricks may be chipped or decaying in sections from the weather. Your mortar could also be the issue. Repointing or tuckpointing your chimney can help solve this problem and help you avoid reconstructing the chimney altogether.

Problems With Your Roof

If nothing seems to be off about your chimney’s exterior, look at the roof around it. If there are holes or gaps near the chimney, that could make it lean or tilt. Call your local chimney services and get professional advice if you are unsure.

A leaning chimney actually means there is severe damage to either the chimney, the foundation of your house, or the roof. Address these issues immediately—a poor quality chimney risks decaying, water damage, and pests or animals in the home. If you want to save money in the long run, it is better to call a chimney service to get the job done correctly and keep your chimney in good health.