Finding the right Chimney Cap

Whether it is chimney caps in Portland or anywhere else, they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. When it comes to chimney caps, the two most common questions that are asked are why you should get one and which one is right for you. Carry on reading to find out the simple answers to these simple questions.

Different Chimneys and Caps

As well as coming in a range of sizes and shapes, the flue of chimneys also varies in height. The first thing you need to do before finding chimney caps in Portland is to find the exact size cap you require. You need to ensure the lid of the chimney cap extends over the chimney in such a way that when it rains, the water falls to the sides of the chimney and not at the uppermost of the crown. The common mistake people makes here is they install a cap that stands onto the chimney flue.

Liner Installations

If you fail to ensure the chimney cap extends over the chimney, you will face a lot of trouble, especially when it rains. Installing a cap that stands onto the chimney flue will allow the rainwater to move in a more focused way, which will be towards a precise spot on the crown. Due to this, any wear and tear will rapidly speed up. In some cases, the matter can get worse than this and cause the water to fall down the flue. Due to this, carbon monoxide starts leaking and could possibly lead to a fire. The only way this problem can be fixed is with the installation of liners.

Cap Installation

What you need is a custom cap that is made for your chimney. This can easily be obtained when searching for chimney caps in Portland. If the chimney cap is installed correctly, it protects your chimney flue from elements as well as the chimney crown for decades. Thanks to a chimney cap, small animals will no longer be able to make nests or homes in your chimney again. Do not leave it too late, and ensure you get it installed and sorted as soon as possible.