Keeping your chimney, roof flashing, and masonry in good shape is especially important in Portland, where you’ll want to keep your home warm and protected from the elements. Read up on the following kinds of repairs and reach out to Chimcare if you’re in need of any services.

Chimney Repair in Portland

Be sure to address any necessary chimney repairs before winter hits Portland.

Cap and Flue Liner Repairs

The chimney cap is the component that keeps all of the rain out of the chimney. This is critical because water is actually more damaging than fire to a chimney, causing the chimney materials to deteriorate. Adding a chimney cap or repairing or replacing your current one can help keep your chimney dry despite the Portland rain. Chimney caps also keep small animals from making nests or homes in your chimney, which can prevent smoke from being able to follow its correct escape path.

Chimney caps come in a range of sizes, shapes, and heights. A professional chimney sweep can determine the exact size of cap that you require to ensure that it adequately covers your chimney and that water falls to the sides and not at the uppermost of the crown.

Flue liners:

  • Protect the inside of your chimney from the corrosive carbon byproducts of fires.
  • Prevent the heat from the chimney from transferring to the rest of your home.
  • Optimize the efficiency and safety of your burning unit.

Chimcare offers chimney liners that meet the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements and specializes in installing new chimney liners as well as disposing of old, non-EPA approved inserts that don’t have this crucial chimney liner component. If your chimney already has a flue liner, we can also verify that it is working properly and is EPA-approved.

Carbon Monoxide Leaks

A home with a chimney requires a carbon monoxide detector. If you suspect a carbon monoxide leak or the detector goes off, you need to get in touch with someone right away to fix it. Carbon monoxide can also back up into your home if anything is blocking your chimney, which is why regular chimney inspections are essential.

Roof Flashing Repair in Portland

As your roof responds to the different elements in the environment, it contracts and expands. Although this is a normal response and usually won’t cause any problems, it can sometimes result in roof damage, which can in turn cause roof leaks. Water that reaches the dry boards and rafters could cause mold and mildew growth and dry rot, creating an unhealthy environment in your home.

Most roof damage can be repaired by addressing the roof flashing, which consists of bright metal sheeting and is found near the base of the chimney.

The purpose of flashing is to direct the movement of rainwater away from susceptible areas.

Regardless of whether you see any water flowing, if you notice that your roof’s soffit or fascia is rotting, you may require chimney flashing repair. Get in touch with a professional to schedule repairs before the problem worsens.

Masonry Repair in Portland

When it comes to masonry repairs, the majority fear the cost of the repair. Masonry refers to the manufacturing process of a structure, which covers brick, stone, block walls, and stucco. Structural issues and natural disasters cause the majority of masonry damage. As soon as you notice major structural issues on the exterior wall, it is time to get in touch with a masonry repair specialist.

Brick Repairs

The majority of brick damage is due to structural issues with the house. Signs that you may require brick repairs include broken bricks, hairline cracks, separation of the brick, and cracked mortar.

Stone Repairs

Stone repairs are similar to brick repairs, except a little more difficult and pricey. Compared to brick, stone is much sturdier and is harder to damage. However, once damaged, it can cause much more serious consequences. Signs that the stone is damaged are identical to those of brick damage.

Block Walls

If the exterior block walls have suffered any damage, they are likely to feature hairline cracks, cracks, or any other type of departure. If this is the case, you need to get them repaired immediately, as block holds much more weight than stone and brick and usually supports existing structures.

Stucco Material

Stucco tends to be used more than block, brick, or stone. Stucco does not support any type of structure, which is why stucco damage is not as dangerous as stone, block, or brick damage. Signs that call for stucco repairs include cracks on the outside walls.

We can’t run from home repairs, but we can fix them before they get worse. If you live in Portland and are experiencing any of the issues described above, contact Chimcare today.