With Chimcare, our uncertified wood stove removal will be sure that your uncertified stove is disposed of properly in an efficient and effective manner. Many homeowners are unaware of a law in Oregon and Washington that says that it is illegal to sell a home with an uncertified wood stove. For example, in Oregon, the law “requires removal and destruction of uncertified wood stoves and fireplace inserts when a home is sold. If a stove or insert is certified to meet wood smoke emission standards, it can remain in the home.”

In addition to providing other chimney and vent cleaning and protective services, Chimcare specializes in the removal and correct disposal of uncertified wood stoves. And, it’s typical with many older homes that removal of an uncertified wood burning insert may require additional services beyond just the removal. This is because the process of installing the uncertified insert more than likely involved the removal of the fireplace damper and possibly part of the back firebox wall. Therefore, once the insert is removed, the fireplace will not be operational or safe to use until these three steps are completed:

  1. The chimney sweep will need to remove the dangerous, flammable creosote; wood stove inserts are notorious for allowing creosote to build up in the chimney.
  2. We will need to install a rooftop damper to replace the fireplace damper that would have been removed upon installation of the uncertified wood stove insert.
  3. We may need to rebuild the back wall of the firebox, depending on the damage or any missing elements.

You’ve came to the right spot! We specialize in this type of service and can help get your fireplace situation all sorted out and ready for selling the home with our uncertified wood stove removal. Call us today.