Do you want to make your home more eco-friendly? One of the best ways to do this is by looking at what you’re currently using to heat your home or the fireplace you use. Many people don’t understand whether gas or wood fireplaces are more eco-friendly. Dive into the information below to learn more about these fireplaces and which one you should consider installing in your home.

Sustainability and Renewable Resources

From a sustainability standpoint, each type of fireplace uses different resources to provide heat for your home. Wood fireplaces use wood, a renewable resource we can source and replenish from our forests. Gas fireplaces use natural gas, which is a nonrenewable resource, meaning we could run out of it. As far as sustainability goes, wood fireplaces take the cake.

Carbon Emissions

Another factor that determines whether gas or wood stoves are more eco-friendly is carbon emissions. Unfortunately, your favorite wood-burning fireplace produces more carbon emissions for your home than its gas counterpart. Burning gas emits fewer unhealthy pollutants, and it helps minimize byproducts, like creosote, that could cause a house fire if you do not clean it from your chimney. Using a gas fireplace will lower the emissions in your home, and the appliance can work more efficiently.

Health Concerns

There are quite a few health concerns surrounding wood-burning fireplaces. Wood smoke pollution can irritate your lungs and worsen asthma. Wood smoke is also linked to cancer and other health concerns. Gas will not emit wood smoke; therefore, gas fireplaces have fewer health concerns, which makes them perfect for your family.

In conclusion, while wood is more sustainable to source, it’s still not enough to make it more eco-friendly than natural gas. Switching out your wood-burning fireplace for gas is wise when you want to be more conscious of carbon emissions and health concerns. If this is something you’re interested in, consider a gas line installation in Portland to get you started on transitioning to this type of fuel for your fireplace. Do the environment a favor by switching to natural gas!